Telecommuting is creating more remote offices

Why Train strikes promote a move to telecommuting

UK Train strikes should promote a move to even more telecommuting and encourage people to work remotely from home. As the latest strike by Southern train drivers is under way. These are part of six day-long stoppages planned in January 2017. Businesses are looking again at remote working or telecommuting and allowing people to work from home. Telecommuting has several benefits. In my experience these are the top 5. Companies save money It saves staff money It improves the work life blend It reduces carbon emission and other environmental benefits It allows for more reliable “attendance” at work I do understand […]

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Free! Office 365 support

Positive Computing offers free support for Office 365

Almost daily we are contacted by businesses looking to migrate to Office 365 as savvy businesses recognise the potential of the cloud based software who in turn are astonished that we offer free support for Office 365 – from install to everyday questions and technical can-do. Our reputation, not least demonstrated in case studies on this website, shows we know how to seamlessly migrate existing systems through to the simplicity, flexibility and mobility of Office 365. Our proven approach will ensure your business flourishes on the new platform from the moment you switch. Essentially Positive Computing has always been focused […]

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Another smooth migration to Office 365 notched up

  You can use Positive Computing rather like an insurance company, keeping us in the background until something goes wrong, or you can use us more like an insurance broker and get advice and support to minimise the risk… which is just what Macbeths Chartered Insurance brokers and Independent Financial Advisors did!   Macbeths’ journey with Positive Computing began over breakfast of all places as director Tony Gibbs reveals in a case study about the service we provide.   He says: “It was a BNI meeting on a Friday morning in Reading where we first met Positive Computing and over […]

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Why Executive Communication Centres refer us!

At Positive Computing we are always delighted when a satisfied client refers us other businesses and for Executive Communication Centres, who offer high end office provision across the UK, that has led to a tremendous amount of business being sent our way. In one of our growing number of powerful case studies created by Berkshire public relations company Morgan PR you hear first-hand what the Managing Director of EEC, Tony Waldron thinks about the Positive Computing approach. We service all seven of the ECC offices and recently migrated them to Office 365, as Tony Waldron explains in the case study: […]

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Microsoft have announced Skype for Business, the latest addition to the Microsoft Office 365 family

Skype for Business connects people everywhere to do more together and will replace Microsoft Lync in an automatic, rolling update. Skype for Business is ideal for scheduling and running online meetings. Attendees can join from their computers, tablets or phones. You can use video to connect and get on the same page or quickly trade IMs with your project team. Skype for Business makes communication easy and makes you more productive. Not sure how to best use it? Have a look at this video for some ideas. With Skype for Business, you have a full range of communication and collaboration […]

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Microsoft release Outlook for iOS including Office 365 support

You can now install Outlook for iOS as an alternative to the iOS Mail application Instructions on how to install the application can be found here Key Features include 1. Support for Microsoft Exchange,Office 365, Outlook mail, Google, iCloud, and Yahoo mail accounts 2. Calendar integration to the app 3. Attach items from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box 4. Schedule emails to return to your inbox at a later time 5. Focused inbox view which means Outlook only show things it thinks are important to you, lesser email goes into your “other” inbox Download it for free now and see if […]

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Enhanced email protection with DKIM and DMARC in Office 365

Spoofing is a common challenge that enterprises face in today’s world, which can lead to increased spam and more intensified phishing campaigns. In order to reduce spoofing and provide a safer client experience, Office 365 now supports inbound validation of DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) over IPv4, and Domain-based Messaging and Reporting Compliance (DMARC). Read the full article from Microsoft here Here at Positive Computing we agree with Microsoft that spam is a massive issue for all email users and any steps taken to improve the productivity of email users is to be welcomed. We are also impressed that Microsoft continue […]

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A checklist of some items to consider when migrating your Exchange email server to Office 365

This is a list of some items to consider when migrating to office 365 as you will need to have a plan for each one if they apply to you. If at all unsure then please seek the help of an expert and a company with experience in migration. Your active directory and how it will integrate with Office 365 How will your spam filtering change? Does your DNS support Office 365 Which management tools do you need post Office 365 You may want to move your file system to NAS Check that the version of Office 365 you buy […]

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Case Study – Executive Communication Centres (ECC)

Executive Communication Centres (ECC), operate high end serviced offices across the UK, including locations in Cardiff, Milton Keynes and Birmingham. They use Positive Computing for a range of services, including the recent migration to Office 365. Here ECC Managing Director Tony Waldron explains why they chose Positive Computing. Tony Waldron – Managing Director, Executive Communication Centres Ten years ago, Positive were an ECC client, operating out of our business centre in Reading; they’re a nice bunch of guys, very personable, and we started using them locally, before eventually rolling them out to other locations. Today we use them across our portfolio […]

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Thumbs Up Hands

Proud to be a supplier to global3digital!

Naturally here at Positive Computing we are proud of all of our clients and how our exceptional brand of IT support benefits them; however when it comes to global3digital, few of our clients have such a huge impact on so many people – almost certainly including you! If you Google a UK plc – that’s a company listed on the stock exchange –there is a good chance you will land on a page designed, built, hosted and maintained by global3digital – Close Brothers, Royal & Sun Alliance, Xchanging, Majestic Wine New Look, and Domino’s Pizza are all from the stable […]

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