Have you seen the Nākd bars from Natural Balance Foods? The gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, no added sugar, nothing artificial, always cold pressed and never baked tasty snack bars?

Here at Positive Computing we are rather proud that our IT can-do-know-how helps ensure you can find Nākd bars on the shelves (or more commonly by the tills) when you visit the supermarket.

Natural Balance Foods is one of Positive Computing’s clients and one of the founding brothers, Greg Combs reveals why he chose us and the benefit working with this company has brought and how it has enabled Natural Balance Foods to grow in popularity and sales.

Our favourite quote from the case study is:

“We are a group of Foodies, you know, mostly, and not a bunch of IT guys!”

That sums up why Natural Balance Food outsourced its IT to Positive Computing and it is great to have our contribution recognised in this way and crucially that it has delivered such enormous benefits to a company with an international presence.

We have solved much more than IT problems and have introduced the systems that ensure Tesco or any other supermarket is able to order online and get the products they want, when they want them and this is absolutely fundamental to the company’s growth – naturally the natural products help too, but however good they are they need to be where the stores – and the customers want them, when they want them.

So do check out the case study on how Positive Computing helps Natural Balance Foods

So three important questions and feel free to answer any or all in the comments below or contact us directly!

  • Firstly, do you like Nākd bars?
  • Does your IT deliver for your business?
  • And would you like to know more about how Positive Computing can ensure your business delivers?