Hassle Free IT – Guaranteed!

Our guarantees are unique, no other IT company offers 6 guarantees as comprehensive and as strong as ours. We offer these guarantees because we are confident that we can deliver.

You can be confident in doing business with us too.

Guarantee 1

We will fix your problem as fast as possible. If for any reason we fail to fix your problem in the time scale we agreed, then we will offer you a full credit – no complaint, no quibble

Guarantee 2

We will respond within the time frame promised in our contracts. If for any reason we take a little longer to respond then we will credit your monthly subscription for the amount of time that we spend fixing the problem. That way you won’t ever pay for service that you don’t get.

Guarantee 3

Our quotations are what you pay. That’s right, the price we agree with you is exactly what you pay.

Guarantee 4

That you will only ever need to pay once to get the job done. If we fix a problem and then it goes wrong again within 6 weeks due to our fault we will not charge you again

Guarantee 5

When we specify, supply and install a solution we guarantee it will do what we said it would

Guarantee 6

Everything we do for you is comprehensively backed by our £1m Professional Indemnity insurance policy.

So make sure you challenge your current or potential IT supplier about their guarantees and see how they compare to ours.