When it comes to stylish IT support, House of Colour stays Positive

House of Colour

We like to think the Positive Computing team would strike the most memorable pose when servicing our clients, which is why we are so thrilled with our latest case study from the UK HQ of House of Colour.

The image consultancy is a global phenomenon and the UK operation is run from Watford, where Positive Computing provides IT support and also helped them stay online when they moved offices.

The IT & Projects Director, Jackie Perkins explains in the case study how it was a referral that led to House of Colour using us for much more than the IT support they initially thought was all we offered.

She said: “To be honest when I heard about Positive Computing I thought ‘That’s support, that’s not what we’re looking for right now’, however I followed it up, made contact and discovered they could help with new infrastructure and more besides. It turned into them helping us to relocate and taking on our ongoing IT support contract.”

She also reveals that even with experience in IT you can still benefit from outsourcing your IT support: “While I have a background in IT we appreciate the up to date support, we like Julian Lewis coming in saying “What about this?” and “What about that?” and finding ways to save us money. Positive Computing can do a stepped approach investment, so while I have an annual review with him, the reality is they’re available whenever I want to ask anything.

Managing Director of Positive Computing, Julian Lewis commented: “We are always thrilled when our clients commit to a case study to show in depth the difference we make to their business and clearly we are helping the House of Colour.