Some of us like to use our phones abroad especially in this social media age. If you must use it either on business or on holiday then here are some hints and tips to help.

If you do some planning you can minimise the cost of using your phone abroad. This can make the difference between deciding whether to take a quick last minute holiday, keeping in touch if required and avoiding “billing shock” for others whilst on holiday / business.

As an example in the countries listed below an advance payment to Vodafone of £28.34 gives users 30 day free inbound calls (usually 11.6p per minute), 5p outbound calls (usually 30ppm) and 5p texts (usually 11p) and 25 Megabyte of data each day (normally 85p per Mb).

Vodafone Europe Footprint: Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK and France

Vodafone also do a free Passport package which might work well for you depending on how often you call.

If you want to check-out the full costs of travelling abroad then check with your provider. These links are a good place to start

Vodafone International

O2 International

Three International

Some other hints and tips

1. do – plan ahead, use free Wifi when possible – send us an e-mail highlighting your travel plans

2. do not – download music / TV programmes, stream videos unless you want a big bill!

Mobile Broadband

An Usb stick or a Mifi (can be shared by 5 people) costs £8.51 a day for 50 Megabytes in Europe and substantially more in other countries. New tariffs released July 1st for new connections have a 100 Mb daily allowance for £6.67. We can also supply Mifi devices which can take any sim such as a pay as you go local sim which could work out cheaper if mobile broadband use is likely to be minimal.