In the news this week we have had hacking and in particular phone hacking. I think that most of us are not that high profile to have our phone hacked but of course not all people involved were high profile. I would like to give you some general tips to avoid being hacked and this applies to IT as well as telephony and mobiles.

1. Change the default passwords or pass codes. New equipment comes with default codes, these can be changed and they should be otherwise its open house for a hacker.

2. Use a complex password but one that is still easy to remember, this month I may use %Ru98y$ as I played rugby at the weekend. My rule in the password is to use 2 numbers and 2 special characters.

3. Keep the software up to date. This does not matter if it is your phone, your PC or your server, these days the software should be up to date as new threats get discovered all the time.

4. Finally change from the default userid if you can. The userid is normally half the code a hacker needs, make it harder by changing from the standard account.

Of course there is much more you can do depending on the exact set-up but these 4 basic tips will help protect you.