This is a list of some items to consider when migrating to office 365 as you will need to have a plan for each one if they apply to you. If at all unsure then please seek the help of an expert and a company with experience in migration.

  1. Your active directory and how it will integrate with Office 365
  2. How will your spam filtering change?
  3. Does your DNS support Office 365
  4. Which management tools do you need post Office 365
  5. You may want to move your file system to NAS
  6. Check that the version of Office 365 you buy gives you he control you need
  7. Are you going to migrate in stages or big bang
  8. Will you be migrating your public folders
  9. Will you be migrating PST folders
  10. Are all of your versions of Outlook compatible
  11. Will you be using SharePoint online and if so what for
  12. How will you migrate signatures
  13. How will you migrate Address Autocomplete (NK2)
  14. Which version of Office 365 is most cost effective for your business
  15. Will you be deploying Lync and if so how