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Naturally here at Positive Computing we are proud of all of our clients and how our exceptional brand of IT support benefits them; however when it comes to global3digital, few of our clients have such a huge impact on so many people – almost certainly including you!


If you Google a UK plc – that’s a company listed on the stock exchange –there is a good chance you will land on a page designed, built, hosted and maintained by global3digital – Close Brothers, Royal & Sun Alliance, Xchanging, Majestic Wine New Look, and Domino’s Pizza are all from the stable of this creative agency.

You can imagine how demanding such clients are so it is vital that global3digital’s own IT runs smoothly, which is where Positive Computing comes in! We ensure that their systems are at peak performance so they can serve their clients in the manner they expect.

No need to take our word for it though! In this powerful case study from the Managing Director of global3digital, Pete Kemp, who explains why he chose Positive Computing and the benefits working with us has brought.


Pete Kemp – Managing Director, digital3global

“Relating to IT ultimately the objective is that everything functions very well across the board, but I guess for me as KPI, do I have constant complaints about PCs not working or other things not working?

Technology being technology there are always issues, but Positive has done a terrific job keeping us running. Occasionally things will get escalated, you know? We’re in the same game as technology but we’ve never had a scenario where ultimately something hasn’t been resolved and that’s all I can ask for.”

Discover more about how we’re helping global3digital by reading the case study or indeed check out our growing list of case studies to discover how we could help your business thrive.