If you need phone system support in Reading and wish that this could be combined with all your other IT requirements, then Positive Computing is just the company for you. With IT and telephony so tightly integrated in today’s world, there is longer any need to manage these aspects of your business separately. As well as offering Berkshire telephone IT support, as part of our package we can also provide support services for 3CX phone systems (http://www.3cx.com/).

By combining the two, this means that our clients don’t have to pay two lots of support fees or deal with two separate companies. We believe that having one provider for both systems gives you efficiencies not only in support, but also in productivity.

We are proud that in addition to phone system support in Reading, Positive Computing also boasts the skills and functionality needed to support your mobile phones. These days mobile phones are an extension of your IT deployment as more and more people access data on mobile devices through email, web browsing and social media. Our support covers all smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone.

In addition to this, tablets are becoming more and more popular and in some cases are even replacing laptops. We support all modern tablet devices such as iPad, Android, Windows Surface and many more.

Our support packages include the monitoring of these mobile devices including the ability to remotely wipe sensitive data and also control what applications are made available to your staff.

You will never be piggy in the middle again with our complete support contracts. For more information about phone system support in Reading and how our services can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Full details of the Berkshire telephone IT support services we offer can be found here.